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The Brightness of God’s Glory

The Brightness of God's Glory

  1. Jesus has been appointed (put or placed) heir of all things. Whoever has it all must be sovereign.
  2. Jesus is the radiance of God’s glory. God’s glory was his shining brilliance and his weighty presence.
  3. Jesus is the exact representation of his being.
  4. Jesus sustains all things. Literally, this means he “bears them up.”
  5. Jesus provided purification, which means he cleansed us through what he did on the cross.
  6. He sat down. This means his redemptive work was done.
  7. He became . . . superior to the angels. This prologue of Hebrews is full of Jesus. He is the best message and surpasses all other messages from God.

Not only is Jesus the best message from God—he is also the best messenger that God would ever send. Jesus is not just a messenger of God like an angel. He is THE messenger of God, whom angels worship.

The Son-the radiating, revealing image-bearer-is central to all that exists. His sovereign word carries the created world to its God-appointed destiny. In all ways Jesus is God’s king who fulfills HIS purpose.

Quoting Psalm 45:6-7, the writer set forth a declaration from God Himself that Jesus, as His Son, is also God. The eternal throne, righteous scepter, and oil of gladness manifest the truth that Christ fulfills all three offices of divine mediation: prophet, priest, and king.

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