What , Are We Blind Too?

Happy Friday; "What, Are We Blind Too? Blind: unable to see; sightless; lacking perception, awareness, or discernment Jesus healed a blind man. The Pharisees, the ones who knew the laws of God, investigated the man's healing and asked him, if the man who healed him was a sinner. The blind...

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prepare the wat

The Forerunner of the Savior

Zechariah 1: 8-20 In this text the Angel Gabriel gives Zechariah the message that his prayer had been answered. We can assume he prayed for a child in his younger years and didn’t expect to have a child at his old age. The purpose of the child (John the Baptist)...

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God's radiance

The Brightness of God’s Glory

The Brightness of God's GloryJesus has been appointed (put or placed) heir of all things. Whoever has it all must be sovereign. Jesus is the radiance of God’s glory. God’s glory was his shining brilliance and his weighty presence. Jesus is the exact representation of his being. Jesus sustains all things. Literally, this means he...

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jesus high priest

The Great High Priest

The Great High Priest Golden Text-“Seeing then that we have a high priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our profession”.   – Hebrews 4:14 The high priesthood was a hereditary office based on descent from Aaron and required a special degree...

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