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The Forerunner of the Savior

Zechariah 1: 8-20
In this text the Angel Gabriel gives Zechariah the message that his prayer had been answered. We can assume he prayed for a child in his younger years and didn’t expect to have a child at his old age. The purpose of the child (John the Baptist) is detailed in this text which is to:

• Unify families in Israel
• Convert the disobedient to the wisdom of the life of righteousness
• To prepare people to accept Jesus

John had a hard time believing the message from the Angel because of his physical condition (old age). But we know the prophecy was fulfilled.

Answered prayers are connected to purpose. Similar to John we are forerunners for the second coming of Jesus Christ. As believers we carry out our purpose through an array of avenues we all should be a light in this world and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Practical points to take away from this story:
1. Answered prayers are connected to Purpose.
2. Answered prayers may not be answered how we expect them to be answered.
3. If God says you can, don’t doubt because of physical limitations.
4. Be a Forerunner for Jesus

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